„Factory-Sound“ vs. „Refinement“

"Good instrumentation i​s n​o se​cret.​​"

Release ' Scenario 6'

"Working with virtual instruments gives an insight into the possibilities of instrumentation - without much prior practical knowledge."

A laptop and a DAW are often all you need to produce music - without expensive musicians or studios. On the face of it, this sounds fantastic. The fact is that many people in the world today are capable of making music. ​People who have a background in music and a feel for it are particularly good at it.

Dynamic_Scores is made for musicians ... 

What will you expect?

Scenarios with different musical characters are presented, discussed and worked through using musical examples. This will always be done on a "before and after" basis, accompanied by musical notation and audio examples. Here are the first 3 scenarios:

The project starts with relatively simple scenarios and progresses to more complex issues.  
Working with DAWs is not assessed in this project.

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